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America’s First Muslim City Council Just Laid Down These Threats For Non-Muslim Citizens!

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Last week, something quite frightening for our American way of life happened. For the first time in U.S. history, a group of Muslims took over an entire city council. They won, through legal election, a majority on the seats to the city council, and they have made it clear out of the gates that non-Muslims need to be on the lookout, because their perceived anti-Muslim views will no longer be tolerated.

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The community in question is Hamtramck, Michigan. Michigan’s Muslim population literally exploded after the Desert Storm war when then President George H.W. Bush allowed many Iraqis to seek asylum in many Michigan city, particularly the suburbs of Detroit. Many historians and economists contend that it was such an influx of third world peasants and their mindset, plus lack of work ethic, that drove the final nail into the coffin of Detroit’s once flourishing, world leading economy. It’s only imaginable how many American communities will be destroyed as current U.S. President Hussein Obama brings tens of thousands of third world peasant Muslims into the country for “asylum” next year. Most will come from Syria, and many, no doubt, will lie in wait to attack Americans in the streets of America as many of the “refugees” recently did in Paris.

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Anyway, upon winning the majority seats in council, some of the new Muslim city council members were actually recorded on cell phone video making such statements as  ‘Today we show the Polish and everybody else…’

Hamtramck has a rich Polish American background, but the Muslims have been driving the Polish out. It seems as if they plan a full purge now, as their video recorded statements show.

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