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As Muslim Stabs Woman She Utters One Word That Makes Him Drop Knife

woman stabbed by Muslim

A 78 year old woman had her life flash before her eyes as a practitioner of the religion of peace, Islam, began to stab her because she did not think the same way he did. She uttered the name of Christ, in Arabic, and it was enough to save her life.

Media outlet Christian News reports that 78 year old Marike Veldman was riding on a bus in Israel last week at a late hour when two Arab men in front of her stood up, started yelling “Allah is the greatest” and began attacking people at random. When one of them men stabbed her, she called out the name of Christ in Arabic, and the man’s eyes got big and he froze. He could no longer bring himself to continue attacking her.

What’s Ironic is that Veldman, originally from Holland, moved to the Holy Land years ago and began providing foster care for parentless Arab children. She would, in time, adopt 20 of these children and raise them as her own. She showed the love that God wants us all to show for everyone, despite ethnicity or religious beliefs. And when she needed God to return the favor, her act of uttering his son’s name was all she needed. Perhaps the rest of the people in that part of the world can learn from her history, that love is a much more powerful weapon for peace than random, ignorant violence.

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