Basket Full Of Soldiers Left On Table With Sign That Left People In Shock –
Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Basket Full Of Soldiers Left On Table With Sign That Left People In Shock

box soldiers 2

A box of soldiers left on a table in a restaurant has left a lot of people in shock. Especially family members of those who have served in the U.S. armed forces, and those who are currently serving, but especially those who have lost loved ones to war.

The box, pictured below, was left in a Chic-Fil-a in the Whitman Square vicinity of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

box soldiers 1

While thugs across America think it’s okay to stomp on a U.S. flag, because their welfare checks aren’t bigger than they are, and Muslims in OUR country think it’s okay to have the American flag banned within sight of them, because it offends them, Chic-Fil-a is showing the world how to honor our fallen and be respectful in this land of the free, only because of the brave.

If you lost a loved one to war, or in military service during non-combat roles, our hearts and prayers are with you. Thank you for sacrificing your loved one so that all of us can be free.

Remember, it’s not the teacher, or the scientist or the doctor why we are free. It is because of the sailors, soldiers, airmen and marines.

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