Beyonce Begs Police For Help – Gets A BRUTAL Response –
Wednesday , August 16 2017
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Beyonce Begs Police For Help – Gets A BRUTAL Response

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Beyonce pissed off half of America with her racist half time performance at the Super Bowl. What she and her dancers did was no less than send out a call to attack law enforcement officers, by showcasing the life and times of Malcolm X, a former domestic terrorist and head of the Black Panthers, a violent group who called for violence against whites to seek revenge for slavery, which had already been 100 years in the past at the time of the Black Panther’s formation.

Beyonce is getting a dose of her own medicine now. She’s got an upcoming show in Tampa, Florida and almost all of the Tampa Police Department is refusing to provide her security for the show. Hell, you can’t blame them. They’re probably concerned for their safety as much as anything else.

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  • Box1Car

    Congress is our only chance to EXTRACT TRUTH from a US gov’t that has been Hi-Jacked by Obama Adm in favor of liberal pro=muslim extremists

  • Betty Lukich

    I think it is great that they served the FBI a Subpoena at a Congressional Hearing!