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Blonde Badass Tears Beyonce Apart in a BRUTAL Rant That Has Gone Viral

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Pop star Beyonce took advantage of her golden opportunity of performing at Super Bowl 50 to spread hate and intolerance, pushing the domestic terror group ‘Black Lives Matter’s” racist agenda, and giving praise to deceased domestic terrorist Malcolm X, who strongly advocated the use of violence to push the black agenda in America.

No doubt Beyonce and her thug husband Jay Z’s close, personal friends, U.S. President Hussein Obama, and his ghetto wife Moochelle enjoyed every minute of their friend Beyonce’s performance from the White House. Hussein Obama has sanctioned a war on cops in America, and his friend Beyonce, once alleged to be his mistress, has helped push that agenda by basically creating the war on cops’ theme song.

Tomi Lahren, the hot blond in the video below, dissects Beyonce’s racist performance, piece by piece, and explains, specifically, why it was wrong, and points out the double standard of how if a white pop star were to do the same thing there would be hell to pay.

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