Friday , June 23 2017
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BOOM! CNN IS OVER— Look What Donald Trump JUST Did To END Wolf Blitzer’s Career…


It’s not new news that CNN, formerly known as the Communist News Network, but now known as the Clinton News Network, fed Crooked Hillary Clinton the questions to the Presidential debates before the debates. We also know that they contacted team Crooked Hillary and asked them for questions to ask Donald Trump, hoping to set him up in a trap.

What is new news, is how Trump totally intellectually bit*h slaps Wolf Blitzer in an interview last night that no doubt has Blitzer considering retirement.

Scroll down and watch.


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  • Randy R Pearson

    Voting is a right of Citizenship. Illegal immigrants know what actions to take to become legal residents. If Americans were to go into foreign nations they would be deported when attempting to stay illegally. Why should the actions of illegal residents in our nation be different.

    Economies are destroyed by frivolous welfare programs caring for large populations of non-citizens. We find that those in our nation deserving care as citizens cannot be accomplished because the coffers are empty- due to wrong practices. Our community only has a food bank and assistance programs because of church volunteers providing funds and membership backing them.

  • Randy R Pearson

    Illegal immigrants is that cross-section of people tryiing to stay in a country illegally. You cannot separate one group from another and remain legally correct since all are created equally.