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BREAKING: 7 DEAD, 36 Wounded In THIS Major US City… Obama SILENT

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The United States, under the direct dereliction of one B. Hussein Obama, the first Muslim President in U.S. history, is completely falling to pieces! Ghetto thug garbage believe they can point guns at police officers in America, and threaten their lives, and live to tell about it. When they get shot dead, Hussein Obama’s domestic terror arm, Black Lives Matter, goes out and burns down the city where the ghetto thug trash was shot and killed for his crime.

However, there’s a very flip side to this coin, and that is that when ghetto thug garbage shoot and kill each other, no one seems to give a damn!

This was the case this past weekend alone in Hussein Obama’s hometown of Chicago, Illinois. In Chicago, just this weekend, a total of 43 people have been confirmed shot. 7 of them have died, and the other 36 have been wounded.

Now, consider these two factors; number one, the weekend isn’t yet over, and number 2, there are probably a dozen or more gang banging ghetto thug pieces of trash who were shot but who did NOT go to the hospital because they have outstanding warrants on them, for anything from dealing crack, to beating their baby mamma, to unpaid child support. So the real number is probably closer to 50, if not even higher.

And yet Hussein Obama remains silent.

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