Breaking- 7 Killed In Random Michigan Shootings Overnight! Informant Makes AMAZING Claim About Who’s Behind It! –
Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Breaking- 7 Killed In Random Michigan Shootings Overnight! Informant Makes AMAZING Claim About Who’s Behind It!

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Last night, while most of the U.S. was glued to Primary election results coming out of South Carolina, where Donald Trump won in a landslide, Rubio managed to edge Cruz out in a very close battle for second, and the Bush family’s political dynasty came to an end as Jeb dropped out of the race, a madman was going on a shooting spree in the state of Michigan.

Here’s what’s known as of this very early point in the development. It’s believed that a total of seven random victims were shot and killed by a man believed to be in his mid forties to mid fifties. The man was said to be driving around in a Chevy HHR SUV, shooting people at random with a rifle.

Four people were shot on a car lot. Three died and one is in critical condition. Several folks were shot and killed in the parking lot of a Cracker Barrel restaurant, including a teenager in Texas Township, Michigan. Several people were shot at the local shopping mall in Kalamazoo. It all seemed reminiscent of the D.C. Sniper shootings which took place at the beginning of the current century.

Authorities are saying that they have arrested a ‘suspect’ in the shooting, and that’s all the information they are giving at this point. They have not described the suspect by race, ethnicity, size, etc., though they have said the suspect is a male.

At the tale end of 2015, after several shooting sprees in a very short period of time, an alleged ‘Government informant’ came forward and told of many more upcoming mass shootings. He said that we will see more mass shootings in 2016 than ever before, this despite the fact that 2015 was already a record year.

The man claims that the Government operation that will claim the lives of hundreds of people throughout 2016 is dubbed “Operation Kaleidoscope,” and that it’s the final, massive push of U.S. President B. Hussein Obama to completely disarm Americans.

From media outlet Redneck Newswire:

The informant claims that the number one goal is to “disarm law abiding citizens.” “There will be a record number of mass gun attacks by the end of this year (2015),” he said. “The goal is to divide the people. There will be blacks committing the crimes against whites- Muslims against Christians, as we saw in Oregon. Whites against blacks, like we saw with Dillon Roof in South Carolina. The main, underlying objective is to keep the people of the United States divided based upon religion and race, socio-economic status. All in an attempt to take away the second amendment, and keep people divided while doing so. It will work, because no one will realize it’s Big Government who is the enemy. They’ll see people who don’t look like them or worship like them as the enemy. They will, in time, voluntarily give up their rights for an artificial sense of security. You have got to help me get word out on this so that everyone knows the truth. You need to know before the catastrophic events begin happening. December of this year and the first half of 2016 are going to be very eventful months!

So what do you make of this, folks? Is the idea of Operation Kaleidoscope just another crazy conspiracy theory? Was it total coincidence that the most recent mass shooting in America happened to take place at the same time Donald Trump was winning the primary election in South Carolina?

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  • Robert Oswald Dawes

    This is a case of the ” Offender”being given an option “being shot while trying to escape” or “Put in Prison with the General Population ” .