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BREAKING: Active Shooter On The Loose At Major U.S. Hospital

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It’s happening again!

Only days after Muslim terrorists committed the largest terrorist attacks in the history of Belgium, we now have a maniac, or a group of maniacs on the loose at a hospital in the U.S. Could it be more “peaceful widows and orphans?”

The site of the occurrence is the San Diego Naval Hospital in San Diego, California. Only hours ago, an anonymous caller contacted authorities and said there was a gunman on the hospital’s grounds, and that he had information suggesting that another gunman was going to come join him. Another caller called and said they say someone walking around on the hospital grounds carrying a gun.

Hospital authorities chose to act on the side of caution and put the entire complex  on lock down. The police have been called in, and so far, they have found ammo rounds lying at strange places throughout the facility, as if someone was going around strategically placing the rounds for easy reload.

The Naval Hospital in San Diego was the site of a similar active shooting situation back in January. We will continue to update you as this story develops.

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