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BREAKING! Arkansas Muslim Couple Being Hunted By The FBI After They Threatened To…

muslim couple hunted by FBI

ISIS is doing one hell of a recruiting job online. Only five years ago, while watching out for Muslim extremists in the West, you kept your eyes on everyone of Middle Eastern decent and assumed that any white Muslims were safe.

My, how times have changed.

Alan and Daphne Crawford, a white, Muslim couple from Arkansas is wanted by the FBI for recent antics and threats that go beyond the realm of “tolerant.” They are down right radical!

A few months back, the couple were escorted from a local mall when Mr. Crawford was caught recording entrances to the mall’s most popular stores as well as the main entrances. His behavior was viewed as odd, and security asked him to leave, and of course he played the racist card, even though Islam is a religion, not a race.

More recently, when the couple was not satisfied with service they received at a restaurant, Daphne told the waitress, “People like you are the reason we kill.”

Later, Daphne threatened people on social media, telling one lady that her husband would shoot her with his AK47. Then, she posted an image of her husband dressed in traditional goat humper garb, kneeling with an assault rifle.

The couple is still at large, but no doubt as unpopular as they’re becoming on social media, they’ll soon be apprehended.

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