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BREAKING! Bill Clinton Rape Victim Silences Trump Audio Leak Haters With This!


Hillary Clinton knows she cannot beat Donald Trump in a fair fight, so she’s reverted to her decades old tactics of fighting dirty and hitting below the belt. However, this is going to backfire on her YUGE.

An audio tape was released by the dirty dirt diggers of the Crooked Hillary campaign recently where we can hear Donald Trump having off the record locker room talk with a television personality. They were talking about women, and Trump said a lot of things, that though very lewd, are nothing that any non-gay American male has not said at one point in time if they were to be honest about it.

Crooked Hillary jumped at the opportunity to slander Trump. However, there’s just one YUGE problem. You see, whereas Trump talked trash about women, Crooked Hillary’s husband, former President Bill Clinton, known mostly as Slick Willy, allegedly assaulted and raped several women, which goes much farther than locker room talk, and worse, Crooked Hillary covered it up by intimidating the women Slick Willy had allegedly violated.

One of Slick Willy’s alleged rape victims, Juanita Broaddrick, came out with this Tweet after Crooked Hillary released the Trump audio.

Courtesy of media outlet Gateway Pundit:


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