BREAKING BOMBSHELL: WikiLeaks exposes Democrats fake Trump groping plot! –
Friday , August 18 2017
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BREAKING BOMBSHELL: WikiLeaks exposes Democrats fake Trump groping plot!

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We’ve been finding out so much about Crooked Hillary this week, with all the WikiLeak dumps, and tonight we find out that Camp Crooked planned the whole “groping” story back in May of this year. It was a back-up emergency plan to implement in the final weeks of the race, should Donald Trump still be in the race by then. The Clinton camp was so sure of themselves, that they assumed Crooked Hillary would have put Trump away before the final weeks and the groping stories would never need to be used, but here we are, only three weeks away from the election, and Trump is ahead of Killary in any honest polls, so they have referred to the groping stories.

Here’s a screenshot of the breaking story from WikiLeaks today where team Crooked Hillary had posted a fake add about groping in Craigslist, making it appear as if it had been placed by Trump.


And here is WikiLeaks calling them out for it on Twitter:


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