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BREAKING: Democrat Gov. Of Louisiana Gets BAD News After Trump Shows Up With “Special” Gifts

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Louisiana’s Governor, Democrat John Edwards, has shown his true allegiance during his state’s time of need. Louisiana has been hit with catastrophic flooding this week, and U.S. President Hussein Obama is too busy golfing up at Martha’s Vineyards to go down and even make an appearance. Crooked Hillary “Killary” Clinton is too busy resting and dealing with her terminal health issues to go down, and she’s no doubt assuming the people of Louisiana’s votes, anyway, because many of them are poor, black, or both.

Despite this extreme level of disrespect, Governor Edwards has NOT spoken out against either Hussein Obama or Crooked Hillary. He did, however, take a pop shot at Donald Trump, saying that he did not need Trump coming down to take advantage of photo opportunities. He further looked like a third world peasant beggar by stating that if Trump wanted to help he should send some of his money, because he has so much of it.

Trump made the liberal, third world peasant appearing Governor eat his words and whine like a little bitch when he actually went down to Louisiana and bought an entire tractor trailer’s worth of supplies for the flood victims and actually helped pass them out.

Meanwhile, Hussein Obama is still golfing, Killary is still resting up and taking God only knows how many meds for her terminal illnesses, and Gov. Edwards is still sulking.

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