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Breaking! Elementary School Evacuated Due To Suspected Suicide Bomber!

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An Elementary School has been evacuated, after a woman, only described by authorities as a “Middle Eastern woman” stormed the school, screaming Allahu Akbar, and claiming to be a suicide bomber.

The incident took place at Stillwater Elementary School, in Stillwater, Oklahoma. All of the children and school staff were evacuated and the woman was detained.

The woman arrived at the school, though she has no children or relatives who attend the school, and said she was there to “take the children to heaven.” She was carrying a purse that had a wire hanging out of it, which made it appear to look like a potential bomb.

Or a clock.

Now, here comes the crazy part. Instead of arresting the woman (or shooting her) and charging her with terrorism, or at least terrorist threats, police have decided that she is mentally ill and have taken her to a mental health facility for treatment.

This is an example of Hussein Obama’s America. In light of his Muslim brothers and sisters launching an all out war on the free world, Hussein Obama has ordered that the name of Islam NOT be slandered in the press. Law enforcement must find other charges, other than just plain old Islam, to charge people for their Jihadist crimes. When no other crime can be conjured up, mental illness will work, just like in this case.

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