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BREAKING! FBI Insider: Weiner’s Emails Will Directly Tie Hillary To Pedofile Sex Ring

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Every day for weeks now, either WikiLeaks or the FBI has been revealing information on the illegal activities of Crooked Hillary Clinton that hasn’t as much shocked anyone, but that has confirmed what we’ve already known. There is not an honest bone in Crooked Hillary’s body, and anyone who thinks there is is merely a fool. Many of Crooked Hillary’s supporters already know this, but they support her anyway, because they are as socialistic and anti-American as she is.

However, according to an online media report from outlet Fury News, an FBI insider is claiming that there is a MASSIVE pedophile sex ring going on within the darkest depths of our Federal Government quarters, and the Clinton Foundation is actually being used as a front for this illegal activity.

Blogger Prissy Holly  has penned a piece at Fury News  in which she claims that the FBI has recovered information from Anthony Weiner’s laptop which reveals this pedophile sex ring and those involved. If this is true, then this is going to be the biggest Government scandal in U.S. history.

Allegedly, Crooked Hillary Clinton has been aware of these activities the whole while, but her only concern the whole time has been continuing to grow her wealth and power, so she’s done nothing to step in and stop it. Yet she expects us to believe she’ll be the candidate to protect women and children.


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  • Poptoy1949

    All he does is tell lies and hides things……..his whole life is a joke of some sort……kinda like that Birth Certificate that he does not have.