BREAKING! Feds Ambush Patriots On Secluded Highway! Open Fire! One Dead! –
Friday , August 18 2017
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BREAKING! Feds Ambush Patriots On Secluded Highway! Open Fire! One Dead!

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So much for a peaceful resolution!

After a weeks long standoff in Oregon, where Patriots from around the nation gathered in number to support the illegal re-imprisonment of two Oregon ranchers who’d already served long prison terms for setting brush fires on Government land adjacent to their ranches, to protect their horticulture and livestock from invasive species, the standoff has ended in the death of one of the protesters, LaVoy Finicum.

Patriot Ammon Bundy, his brother Ryan, and Finicum were driving down a secluded road in Oregon, when they were ambushed by Federal Agents. Ammon Bundy was detained and placed in the back of the police car for arrest. He still had his cellphone on him and called his wife to tell her what was going on. He claimed the agents then opened fire on the other two patriots, hitting his brother in the arm, and shooting Finicum in the face, while he was standing with his hands up and unarmed.

The Oregon State Police and Federal Agents involved in the murder are not releasing any information on the incident at this time.

If only the Federal Government would treat our enemies in the Middle East the same way they treat people who get in their way here at home!

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  • Joby Budnack

    Obama gave $400 million to Iran and nothing has or will happen. He will protect Clinton. This may influence voters, but isn’t the election fixed? So, we will all know we have a dishonest bitch as POTUS and there will be nothing we can do. The SCOTUS will get another liberal and the others will give Hillary every win to keep from being added to the body count. The Clinton Foundation is already funded by the middle east and that hasn’t meant anything. The FBI will never indict her. I would be willing to bet that she hands out money to many of the republicans – they seem to be in fear of Trump being POTUS and them being caught at something. So, what’s the plan? I don’t see a plan! The POTUS election may already have been held with Hillary as the winner. November might just be going through meaningless motions thinking we are voting. What is the plan?

  • prstewart

    Assange never said that. Two words were added to a quote from a UK interview … “enough evidence”. That mis-quote was spun off into things Julian Assange never said.

  • Marian Cimino

    Hillary has lung cancer. She uses her double to cover for her. If you know how to fact check please do.