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BREAKING: Hillary BUSTED AGAIN, New Illegal Activity Just EXPOSED And It’s Full Blown TREASON…


Crooked Hillary does not know how to play any kind of pool other than dirty pool. She just got busted BIG TIME, with something that is worthy of felony charges, and the charges may lead to her having to drop out of the race.

Here’s the scoop, from the Associated Press, by way of Yahoo News:

A nonpartisan watchdog group Thursday called for a federal investigation of Hillary Clinton’s campaign committee, accusing it of illegally accepting millions of dollars worth of  “opposition research” and other assistance from Correct the Record, an outside super-PAC, in violation of U.S. election laws…

the Campaign Legal Center’s detailed 52-page complaint against Hillary for America and Correct the Record — part of the sprawling political empire run by Clinton backer David Brock — is likely to get special attention, given Clinton’s repeated advocacy of campaign finance reform. She has vowed to “curb the influence of big money in American politics” and to push for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United — the controversial ruling that opened the door for groups such as Correct the Record to accept unlimited donations to benefit political candidates.

Correct the Record, which has taken in over $6 million in this campaign from hedge-fund executives, plaintiffs’ lawyers and other wealthy donors, has effectively become a “parallel shadow” arm of the Clinton campaign, said Larry Noble, who served for 13 years as the chief legal counsel for the FEC and is now chief counsel of the Campaign Legal Center. “They’re training people [for the Clinton campaign], they’re doing research for it. They’ve really pushed the envelope in this case, and ripped it open.”

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