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Breaking! Hillary Camp Caught BRIBING Women To Accuse Trump Of Rape! Email Leaked!

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Man, did this election season turn nasty when the Donald Trump audio leaked. Not, however, because of what was on the tape, but because of how Crooked Hillary tried to play the tape for a quick win.

Hillary. Have you ever met a guy named Bill Clinton?

You cannot try to make someone look bad for saying sexual things about women, as Crooked Hillary has tried to do with Trump, when you’re married to a man who has raped women for generations and currently stands accused of raping a thirteen year old girl, like Crooked Hillary’s husband, Bill Clinton.

Anyway, news has broken this morning that online hacktivists, Anonymous, has recovered an email showing the Hillary campaign team trying to pay women to claim that Donald Trump sexually assaulted them, so that Hillary can be on more even footing in her sex crimes fight against Trump, since her husband, Bill Clinton, is an actual rapist, and Donald Trump is not.

Below is the email notes, allegedly recovered by Anonymous, according to Redstate Watcher, which has been known to run some fake news stories in the past. Let’s hope this is not another fake.

See the email below:


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  • John Munro

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  • Ralph Winfield

    Yet another Wesleyan Wasteoid being a bastarda. Watch the David Spade film from 1997 about Wes: P.C.U. It’s spot-on and pretty funny.