BREAKING! House Unanimously Votes To STOP Obama! –
Wednesday , August 23 2017
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BREAKING! House Unanimously Votes To STOP Obama!

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U.S. President B. Hussein Obama has had one priority in regard to the war on terror during his seven year reign of terror, that being, protect the image of his faith, Islam, at all costs!

When the Muslims attacked us in San Bernardino, California, Hussein Obama went as far as to have the FBI raid the home of the two Muslim scum who committed the atrocity to wipe it clean of any evidence that could directly tie the act to the sick, twisted ideology that is Islam. Fortunately, the truth came out, mostly due to ISIS accepting responsibility for the attacks and providing evidence Hussein Obama tried to keep hidden.

While ISIS has been chopping heads off, making their way through Northern Iraq and Syria, one thing has been evident that Hussein Obama wanted us all to ignore. Ethnic cleansing is being committed! Christians are being slaughtered for their beliefs, many of them after being forced to convert to Islam.

Congress finally held a vote to proclaim whether or not what is going on in what ISIS has declared to be their Caliphate is or is not ethnic cleansing. Despite Hussein Obama’s best efforts, Congress UNANIMOUSLY passed a resolution decreeing that ISIS has committed the war crime of ethnic cleansing. The vote passed 383-0!

Hussein Obama could not be reached for comment because he was golfing.

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