Monday , June 26 2017
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Breaking Investigation Update: Hillary Had Plan To Kill Huma!


They say keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Perhaps this is the REAL reason Crooked Hillary and her personal assistant, Muslim Brotherhood implant Huma Abedin, were always so close. It’s not that they were having a lesbian relationship, like many of us thought, but because Crooked Hillary was planning on killing Huma if the need ever came about. Crooked Hillary and her husband are good at offing people who stand in their way.

The file on Huma’s laptop that the FBI is now investigating, since the DOJ finally caved and gave them the warrant to do so, which had thousands upon thousands of emails from Crooked Hillary’s private server, was aptly named “Life Insurance.”

Once can only imagine what was in those emails, but by the way she named the file, it is obvious that Huma knew of Crooked Hillary’s plans to kill her should she get out of line or in the way, and it’s as if she wanted to have something on Crooked Hillary if here life were ever endangered.


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