Friday , July 21 2017
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Breaking! ISIS Invades First European Country! Demands Christians Convert Or Die!


While the Trojan Horse operation continues, in which thousands of radical Muslims come into Western countries under the guise of “refugees,” a group of ISIS evil-doers have finally gotten enough of these “refugees” together in one nation to launch their Trojan Horse attack. In the small, European country of Sweden, ISIS has put out the word, mostly through graffiti, that they have amassed in such numbers to be able to effectively carry out Jihadist opperations. They have told the residents of Sweden, with the images below, to either convert to Islam, or face execution via beheading!

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convert 1

convert 2

convert 3

convert 4


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  • sherry8260

    What was the damned problem? All she had to do was roll her damned window down all the way! He told her it was for his own safety and if this stupid b**ch had a brain she would understand why…people roll up their windows and drag cops down the road! She was closing the window on his hands herself!! Just another ignorant piece of trash trying to make a name for herself the thug way. GOD I hate people like her. Stupid as HELL!! Grow a damned brain!!

  • Fuddley Dudley

    The cop was/is wrong. Up to the point the cop informed her she was detained she done nothing wrong. There is NO law that says you must roll your window all the way down. As long as the officer and driver can communicate and hand info (Driver license, registration, etc.) back and forth that is all that is necessary. At the point she was informed she was being detained, Illegally. The officer can get her out of the vehicle as he sees fit. Her lawyer will have a heyday with this and the police will pay out the a$$.

    • 2broke4 her

      news flash your wrong, he stated the reason why he was citing her for unsafe equipment and for her to sign the citation, she failed to follow a lawful command and she was prosecuted for obstruction in the duties of the officer, resisting arrest and the violation..