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BREAKING: Jared Fogle Absconds From House Arrest – Believed To Have Left The Country

jared leaves country

It has been reported by at least one media outlet that former Subway spokesman and now the nation’s top child molester has escaped house arrest and fled the country! From United Media Publishing:

BREAKING – The former Subway spokesman turned revolting child predator, Jared Fogle, has allegedly absconded from home detention, and is believed to have left the United States.

Jared Fogle was ordered to wear a GPS ankle bracelet while awaiting sentencing for sexual misconduct with a minor, crossing state lines to engage in lewd activities with a minor, and possessing images depicting individuals below legal age engaging in sexual activity. Fogle has already plead guilty to the above charges, and faces between 5 and 12 years in prison for his crimes.

Law enforcement officials required Fogle to surrender his passport at the time of his guilty plea, and it’s unknown at this time how the child predator escaped the country. It’s believed he may possess overseas bank accounts, counterfeit ID, and access to private jets.

Fogle was scheduled to be sentenced on November 16th, and will likely face additional felony charges for escape upon his capture. Officials say they have issued an APB to several departments around the globe.

More information to come.

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