Friday , June 23 2017
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BREAKING! Looting Begins In Florida With Hurricane Matthew!


Welp, that didn’t take long!

Last night, Infowars broke a piece which included a couple of dozen Tweets from the domestic terror group Black Lives Matter supporters who were opening bragging about how they were staying behind in Hurricane Matthew, despite the local and Federal Governments’ dire warnings to evacuate, simply so they could loot once the storm rolled in. The idiots at Snopes ran a story claiming it to be false, but once again, Snopes has been Snoped via the facts.

It appears that the looting began in the wee, dark hours last night, as no less than 28 Floridians who’d stayed at a hotel on their way out of town had the windows smashed out of their vehicles in the parking lot outside while they slept.

Here’s the story from a local media outlet. Nah. You won’t be seeing this on MSM.

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