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BREAKING: Mass Shooting Rocks California

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It seems that everyday we either wake up or go to bed with the news of a new mass shooting. As much as this writer, and most of you reading this, no doubt, are second amendment rights supporters, even we have to admit that there is something majorly wrong with American society for all of these shootings to be going on.

However, the most recent mass shooting, which recently took place in the hills of California, doesn’t have as much to do with American culture, as it does third world miscreants who refuse to adapt and adjust to American culture. You see, they cannot do so, because it is against their religion, and the only reason they are in America is to kill Americans, anyway.

Earlier this week, a group of 15 Muslim men were hiding out in the hills of the Hot Springs, California nature area. It’s a place where people go to backpack, hike and mountain bike.

As outdoors enthusiasts would pass by, the Muslim men would shoot at them with high caliber rifles. The police were called to the scene, and before the Muslim miscreants made their way down to the parking lot to confront law enforcement, they hid their weapons in the desert to be used for another day.

After arresting the Muslim miscreants to hall away to the high desert detention center to book them on charges that have not yet been named, they searched for the rifles but were unable to find them.

Be careful out there, outdoors enthusiasts. Next time you’re hiking or mountain biking, you may have a small band of ISIS miscreants shooting at you, even though you’re here in our country. I guess it’s because Hussein Obama has done such a wonderful job vetting all of them.

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