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BREAKING! MASSIVE Explosion in Alabama! Multiple Casualties! Terrorists Suspected?

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As voters go to the polls in one week from today, as of this writing, they must ask themselves a VERY serious question. “Who do I trust more in regard to America’s safety in regard to radical Islamic terrorists?”

The fact that Crooked Hillary Clinton, who is currently under FBI investigation due to potentially illegal and national security risking activities while Secretary of State, will not even say the words ‘radical Islamic terrorists,’ rules her out of out of consideration by default. Only Donald Trump will keep us safe from these evil doers.

With this in mind, there is sad news coming in from Helena Alabama this morning. It seems there has been an oil line explosion so severe that it has killed one person and sent five more to the hospital. The disruption in the flow of oil is so severe that shortages and spiked prices are expected.

At this time, it is believed a tractor digging in the wrong location may have severed a pipe and caused a spark, causing the explosion, but an act of terror has not been ruled out. With the non-existence of a southern border, and illegal immigrants flowing into our country just a couple of hundred miles away from Alabama, it’s not unrealistic to think that a radical Islamic terrorist came across the border and caused the explosion. This is the second such explosion in the area this year, which causes one to be suspicious.


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