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Breaking! Muslim Migrants FINALLY Detained As SECOND Paris Bomber Determined To Be “Syrian Refugee”

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The greatest weapon the Muslims have to use against the West is the West’s very own softness, political correctness, and stronger desire to avoid offending people who are not just like them than their desire to call a spade a spade or do the right thing.

Breaking news over night has reported that a second of the bombers in the Paris attacks passed through Greece as a Syrian Refugee.

Many conservatives and realists have been saying since the “refugee crisis” in Europe started that the only people facing crisis were the citizens of Europe. Anyone who understands not only Islamic culture, but also Eastern culture knows that those from either culture is NOT to be trusted. Throw in the third world peasant factor and you have a triple whammy. Poor, Eastern Muslims who hate Westerners because they are jealous of our prosperity, but who are not willing to do the work that we do to have the lives that we enjoy. There is a reason third world countries are poor, and despite what the people from those countries will tell you about how it has to do with a “corrupt Government,” it all boils down to a lack of work ethic among the populace.

Belgian police have detained three “Syrian refugees” over the weekend who were going to blow up law abiding citizens in Belgium. Hopefully other European nations will take a closer look at some of the riffraff they just allowed into their countries out of the weakness of their hearts.

Recently, the first ten thousand “Syrian Refugees” of what is believed to be more than 200,000, eventually, just landed in the U.S. (Read full story here: First Wave Of 10,000 Muslim Refugees Just Landed In THIS U.S. City!)

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