Breaking! Muslims Invading Texas! Here’s Where They’re At! –
Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Breaking! Muslims Invading Texas! Here’s Where They’re At!

muslims invading texas

Guys and gals, this is a VERY disturbing report of an entire bus load of Muslims, fully dressed in manjammies and burkas, invading the great state of Texas! Why are they here? Are they going to carry out sleeper cell attacks? Will they go into this super secret location of theirs, pointed out on the map above, and change into civilian clothes and come out and blend in with the general population and wait until the dreaded orders are given?

This is taken from the Marine 4 Truth Facebook page, and it is terrifying!
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This is a post we received From Craig Calhoun In Houston Texas! Thanks Craig For Sharing and God bless…
Several Days ago I posted this and looked on my page and “POOF” it is gone? If you didnt see the first one let me explain…

Several weeks ago I was at the office bldg for a work related meeting.
I was walking to my car when a large yellow school bus pulled up. It stopped in front of the building and blocked my car. I was getting out to ask the driver to move so I could get out and before I reached the bus, the doors opened and theses Muslims, fully dressed in their sheets began off loading with their black garbage bags in tow. They were stuffed with their clothing from what I could tell…
They wouldnt look at me and basically fast walked into a private door in the side of the building. This was odd as you do not see many multi level office buildings with a single door on the side, and the main doors were around the other side. ANyway these were no doubt refugee Muslims. This has been happening right under our noses for years people, not just now….
Well if any of you would like to pay them a visit here it is…

PLEASE RE-POST, Facebook cannot stop all of US-A


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