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Wednesday , August 16 2017
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[Breaking] New Evidence In Mike Brown Case Obama And The Media Wants Buried!

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Two years ago, a young, undisciplined thug decided to go on a crime spree. He started by stealing a box of cigarillos from a local convenient store. The shop owner tried to stop him, and the young thug, who stood well over six feet tall and weighed closer to 300 pounds than 200 pounds, assaulted the shop keeper, who was literally less than half his size.

The young thug, Michael Brown, then went for a friendly stroll down the middle of a busy street, daring cars to hit him- demanding they get out of HIS way, ’cause by God if he wanted to walk down the middle of the road he was going to- and then a police officer, Darren Wilson, finally spotted the young criminal and took action.

What happened next would spark race riots not seen in America since a similar criminal, Rodney King, led police on a deadly, high speed car chase back in the 90’s and had to face unpleasant consequences for his actions.

The lies started quickly with the Michael Brown case. Witnesses claimed he had his hands up in the air, and that Officer Wilson, a true American hero, gunned him down in cold blood. The intense investigation which took place later would prove that every damn one of these “witnesses” were lying, and their reasons behind lying were racially motivated. How all of them escaped perjury charges is still not clear.

New information has been released in this case that the liberal media and the Hussein Obama administration is trying to keep buried on the last page of the shopper’s discount announcement they put in the middle of papers. The newly released autopsy information shows that the very first shot fired from officer Wilson’s gun hit Michael Brown in the thumb at point blank range, suggesting that the two men were actually fighting over the weapon. This certainly changes the entire narrative of this case, and had this information been released immediately after the incident, no doubt the city of Ferguson might not have been burned to the ground. But then again, it probably would have burned anyway, as liberals and entitlement minded miscreants don’t like being confused with such petty things as facts.

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