Wednesday , July 26 2017
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BREAKING: New Republican To Enter Presidential Race At Convention

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The GOP is dead set and determined to see that Donald J. Trump does NOT reach the White House, so it appears they are grooming a “shoo in” take get the nomination at what will no doubt be a contested convention this summer.

You see, the Republicans are TERRIFIED, because Trump is not part of their good ‘ol boy network, and they KNOW they cannot buy him into it. He is self funding his campaign, and therefore, will owe NO favors once elected, and it will NOT be business as usual in D.C. anymore.

Word has leaked that mega-GOP donor Charles Koch has claimed that House Speaker Paul Ryan would be a “shoo in” for the nomination at the convention, because he’s such a party man, and it is feared that Koch is going to see that Ryan gets added to the ticket.

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  • Peter

    Happened in Australia and the woman was filmed by police car/cam she also became violent threatening to kill the officer’s family, was charged by let off by the judge because he could not actually identify her.

  • ThomasThePaine

    The only proper way to remove a burqa, is with a flamethrower. . .
    Any woman who wears that garbage bag in public, should simply be shot on the spot!