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BREAKING: New WikiLeaks Reveals Hillary Shared CLASSIFIED Intel On Bin Laden Raid With…


Crooked Hillary Clinton will be spending the final days before the election being picked apart in front of the public eye, exposed for all of her lies and half-truths. All the murders she’s committed by proxy to get people out of her way. All the sex crimes she’s helped her husband cover-up throughout the years.

For now, we’ll take a look at another of the WikiLeaks bombs that was dropped on her by Julian Asange today.

It turns out that Crooked Hillary shared as much information as she had access to  while Secretary of State, on Osama Bin Laden, with her Wall Street and World Banker buddies.

Crooked Hillary claims to hate the ultra-rich, and says she’s going to raise their taxes in order to punish them for being successful, like any good liberal would, but another WikiLeaks bomb that came out today was in regard to Crooked Hillary’s hatred of the average, everyday American. The truth is, Crooked Hillary loves the bankers, because that’s who’s funding her. Them and the sheikhs of the Middle East who stone women to death in honor killings, while Crooked Hillary takes their money then claims she’s fighting for women’s rights around the world.

Anyway, it appears that Crooked Hillary felt that if she kept the World Bankers and the Wall Street Tycoons in the loop of the Government’s top secret hunt for Bin Laden, that they’d throw more money her way in appreciation for being entertained with Top Secret Government Information.

Sadly, it worked!

Let’s see what Asange drops on Crooked Hillary tomorrow!

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