Breaking News! President Goes Missing! Feared Kidnapped! –
Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Breaking News! President Goes Missing! Feared Kidnapped!

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The President was on his way for a State visit to India, when all of a sudden… he vanished. He was supposed to have arrived a couple of days ago, and when he did not, word went out about it, and it was found that he wasn’t in his homeland, either.

Though the man we’re talking about is a black President, and one of the most notorious in the world, due to his racist views- he has said “the only white man you can trust is a dead one”- we are NOT talking about U.S. President Hussein Obama, rather, Zimbabwa President Robert Mugabe.

Mugabe is 92 years old and is rumored to have prostate cancer. He’s been said to receive secret treatment in Malaysia from time to time, but his whereabouts there cannot be confirmed either.

 Mugabe has been President of Zimbabwe for 36 years. He claims he’ll live to be 100 and he plans on being President until he is dead. One of his fears is that if he steps down from power, white people may be given rights in his country.

In case you did not know, if you are white in Zimbabwe, you are basically killed upon sight. Don’t believe it? The U.S. dollar is worth more than 1 TRILLION times the local currency, because no one is brave enough to take any dollars there.

Though Mugabe has been hailed as Satan and the worst world leader in history, next to Stalin and Hitler, due to his extreme hatred and murderous actions toward an entire race, his crimes go largely unreported by the media in the West because his victims are white, and U.S. President Hussein Obama considers him a friend and has visited him on several occasions.

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  • Leif Dallas

    Hmmmm the KKK is at it again, or will it be the radical Christians, or Trump. This has nothing to do with muslims.

  • Ronnie Matthews

    Video error