BREAKING! Now We Know Who Leaked The Trump Sex Talk Tape! –
Friday , August 18 2017
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BREAKING! Now We Know Who Leaked The Trump Sex Talk Tape!


It’s no secret to anyone who’s been paying attention that the Republican establishment not only is NOT supporting Trump, but that they absolutely hate him!

He doesn’t play by their rules, he doesn’t need them or their money, and when he gets into the White House, he isn’t going to grant any of them any special favors! Not even any of the Bushes, out on their Texas ranches! He is going to cater to the American people and the American people only!

Word is circulating that it was Paul Ryan’s own people who got a hold of the dirty sex talk audio tapes that the Republican establishment had hoped would destroy Trump last week, though their plan only backfired, because when Crooked Hillary Clinton raised the issue at the debate two days after the release of the tapes, Trump was able to unload an entire nuclear barrage on her about Bill Clinton’s sex crimes and her own involvement into Bill’s crimes- not to mention the time she bragged about getting a child rapist off as a defense lawyer.

Media outlet The Gateway Pundit is reporting that the wife of one of Paul Ryan’s top aides got her dirty who*e hands on the tape with Trump’s lewd comments and went to the post with it, in an attempt to help Ryan ruin Trump.

You’re going to have to try harder than that, Ryan, you dirty traitor!

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