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BREAKING: Obama Reveals What He’s Going To Do After Serving As President And It’s Absolutely Terrifying!

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B. Hussein Obama never pretended to like the American people, and he’s made it even more obvious with less than  a year to go in office. He has been signing illegal law after illegal law into being with unilateral executive action and he does not seem to be slowing down.

Most Americans were under the belief that if we could just make it through this next year, we’d be done with B. Hussein Obama once and for all. However, he’s recently revealed his post-Presidency plans and it turns out we won’t be so lucky.

Here’s what he told a recent media outlet when asked how he plans to spend his “retirement.”

“But there’s so much more to do, so many more laws we’d like to pass and administrative actions that need to be taken. But, on the other hand, there was great satisfaction because we could look back on where we were when we came into office and take enormous pride in the way in which not simply this administration, but the country rose up from extraordinarily difficult times.”

“Our obligations don’t go away just because my name is not on the ballot. It is just as important, we have to be just as passionate about making sure that progress is sustained. And what that requires is that we win back the Senate of the United States so that Democrats are able to move forward the agendas that we care about so deeply. It means that we make progress in winning back the House so that California’s own Nancy Pelosi can once again be Speaker of the House. And it means that we make sure that a Democrat replaces me in the White House to carry on the legacy that we’re pushing forward.”

If you were hoping B. Hussein Obama would go back to the ghetto and stay there, we’re sorry to bring you this unfortunate news.

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