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BREAKING: Secret Passenger On Plane During Trumps Alleged Molestation Of Woman Comes Forward, Changes EVERYTHING

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So Crooked Hillary Clinton tried to end Trump’s campaign by bringing up the audio tape from ten years ago, when Trump made some lewd comments about women, and it completely backfired on her, because Trump reminded the world that there’s quite a difference between words and actions, and Crooked Hillary’s husband, Bill Clinton, didn’t just participate in locker room talk. He actually raped women. Oh, and Crooked Hillary? She may not have raped any women (that we know about), but Trump also reminded the world of the time that she defended a man who’d raped a 12 year old girl, got him off, then laughed and bragged about how she knowingly got a man off of a rape rap who she knew was guilty.

So, since bringing up the audio tape didn’t work out too well for her, Crooked Hillary’s campaign has been paying women to  come out of the wood work and claim that Donald Trump had molested them, like the fake liar who claimed Trump molested her on an intercontinental flight thirty years ago. Unfortunately for that liar, and the Queen of all liars, Crooked Hillary Clinton, a man who was on that plane and sat right beside Trump and his accuser, has come forward and said it never happened.

Anthony Gilberthorpe, a British man, was on the flight that the woman says Trump molested her on, and he says it never happened. Mr. Gilberthorpe said the woman was actually being very flirtatious with Trump and that politics had nothing to do with his decision to come forward. He said if Hussein Obama had been accused of a sex crime, and he knew he had not done it, he would come forward to defend Hussein Obama. For Mr. Gilberthorpe, this has nothing to do with Trump or Clinton, it has to do with doing the right thing in helping a wrongfully accused man, and for that, we all thank Mr. Gilberthorpe.

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    They aren’t going to impeach this simple POS no matter what we the people demand. I just wish the senate and congress had Obamacare too.