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Breaking: Senator Sessions Response To President Obama Committing Felony On Live TV

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In case you missed it, only days ago, B. Hussein Obama, the thank God outgoing President of the U.S., committed a felony on live television (click on this highlighted sentence to watch him do it with your own eyes).

Hussein Obama’s actions have got to be the highest form of voter fraud ever, in the history of this great nation, and Senator Jeff Sessions had the following to say about it, via Redstate Watcher, relaying the story from Senator Sessions’ website:

“I am shocked that the President of the United States—who is the chief law enforcement officer for the nation and to whom all federal law enforcement officers report—failed to strongly and immediately object to a statement by an interviewer that unlawful immigrants can and should vote in U.S. elections. The interviewer proposed a radical and illegal action, which the President had a duty to condemn. The President must immediately issue a statement to make crystal clear that only citizens of the United States have the right to vote, and that any noncitizen who votes, and anyone who assists noncitizens to vote, does so illegally and is subject to prosecution. The failure to clarify this statement will only add further credibility to the public’s concerns about the integrity of this election.”


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