Breaking! Terrorist Storms Florida Nightclub! 20 Dead 40 Injured Counts Rising! –
Tuesday , September 19 2017
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Breaking! Terrorist Storms Florida Nightclub! 20 Dead 40 Injured Counts Rising!

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People in the U.S. are waking up to tragedy this morning, as news is coming out of Florida, that a gunman, brandishing an assault rifle and a handgun, stormed a gay club last night, took hostages, and murdered at least 20 people. More than forty have been reported as injured, but both body counts are expected to rise.

According to reports, the armed man walked into the nightclub named Pulse, which is in Orlando, and just began blazing away with bullets. The onslaught began at 2 a.m., and many of the club goers had already left, but there were still about 100 people in the building.

Many of the club goers took refuge in the restrooms, or other rooms within the club, but the terrorist went into the restroom and took them all hostage.

It’s said that the terrorist also had an explosive device that he was unable to detonate.

SWAT team members finally killed the terrorist around 5 a.m.

What’s ironic here, is that authorities have so quickly rushed to call this an act of terror. This is more than likely because the attack point was a gay bar, and the assailant was a white male, hence, the liberal progressive agenda of “white, heterosexual males are all evil and gays are victims” will be forwarded.

Certainly, if the assailant were of Middle Eastern decent, authorities would NEVER call this an act of terror, per Hussein Obama’s directive that at all costs, the image of Islam is to be protected, and placed at a higher priority than the American people.

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  • Ed Van Zyl

    I believe that Americans are Americans first and will vote for the candidate that puts America first and not her career and money.

  • strubbiedoo

    Heike Strub Here is an idea. I don’t remember which middle east country it was, but when they voted their finger was dipped in a dye, that showed they voted. If we did that here no one would be able to vote multiple times. The Liberals should like it because it was done in a country they support and in a show of good faith that they are not rigging the election, they may go along with it!