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BREAKING: Trump’s Sniffles And The Cocaine Habit That’s Going To Turn This Election On Its Head!


Many people noticed the many sniffles of Donald Trump during the Presidential debates. Trump claimed afterward that his mic was faulty. After the third debate, we found out that not only was there mic issues for Trump, but lighting effects had been set to different levels than those for Crooked Hillary also.

As it turns out, Trump’s mics WERE defectively set during the debates, all in an effort by the Clinton owned media to make Trump look bad.

Loser idiot Howard Dean suggested after the first debate that Trump was on Cocaine, and that was the cause of his sniffles. We did extensive research to find out if cocaine was a factor, in any way, in this campaign, and low and behold we found that it is. However, the cocaine has nothing to do with Trump. He doesn’t do it. Never has. After having a brother die many years ago at the hands of active alcohol addiction, Trump has chosen to not even drink alcohol. The man is clean with no vices.

However, if we look at Trump’s opponent, Crooked Hillary Clinton, not only is her husband Bill a rapist, he’s also a cocaine addict. Rumors have circulated for years that he once pulled a secret stint in the Betty Ford Clinic.

Listen to one of his former mistresses, Sally Miller, talk of a time when ‘Ol Slick Willy snorted coke off of her dining room table. Miller had an affair will Bill back in the early 80’s, when Hillary couldn’t sexually satisfy her man. After hitting it and quitting it a few times with Miller, and doing some coke in between, obviously, ‘Ol Slick Willy moved on to other mistresses, to fulfill his simple sexual needs that Crooked Hillary could not take care of for him.

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