Breaking Video! Charlotte Protesters Burning People Alive! –
Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Breaking Video! Charlotte Protesters Burning People Alive!


Last night’s protests in Charlotte, North Carolina were perhaps the most violent this nation has seen since the 60’s. One protester shot another protester, to take out his rage against authority, and the protester who was shot remains on life support at this very moment.

A breaking cell-cam video has surfaced today of protesters attempting to burn white people alive for merely having the audacity of being in their general vicinity. Watch, below, as these ghetto thugs try to burn a man alive after beating him. Fortunately, a swarm of police were able to get there just in time.

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  • BigPapa Dan

    Possible TIA, transcient ischemic attack, also called a mini-stroke. Some people have them for years without ever having a major one. I am not a Hillary fan, but I pray she is okay.

  • Big Rich

    hope she has major stroke and dies..

  • TheOtherOnePercenter

    Sure did not see this on the news like when Trump mocked the disabled reporter