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Bully Messes With the WRONG Girl And Gets an Unexpected Surprise

bully messes with wrong girl

Bullying might still be at the same level that it was when we were kids, but it’s taken a bit of a twist due to the internet. Sadly, a beautiful little 15 year old Florida girl recently took her own life by shooting herself in the head with her mother’s handgun after her punk ex-boyfriend posted a secret video of her taking a shower on the internet. Online bullying and harassment is something the new generation of kids the world over are sadly dealing with.

Fortunately, the best solution to deal with bullies remains timeless. Punch them in the face and knock the the eff out! They’ll think twice before they bully again, at least before they bully you. The girl in this video who is being bullied proves our case in point.

There are several bully fails on the video below, but if you fast forward to the 3:30 mark, you’ll see our star girl in action.


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