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Friday , August 18 2017
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Recently, Donald J. Trump traveled to the ghettos of Flint, Michigan to reach out to poor black Americans whose communities are failing in order to show that he is a man looking out for ALL Americans, not just white Americans, as his detractors have suggested.

Last month, Trump came under fire from the black community when he pointed out the fact that the black communities in America are failing. Their schools are failing, they have no large populations of successful males, taking charge in both business and at home (far too many black American children don’t even have a clue who their biological fathers are), and the wealth gap between black Americans and white Americans is staggering. Yet, once again, it was proven through the reactions to Trump’s words, that in America, truth is the new hate speech.

Anyway, back to the ghetto in Flint…

While Trump was speaking in Flint, as he began to talk about Crooked Hillary “Killary” Clinton, the pastor of the black church where he was speaking, Faith “Sha-nay-nay” Green Timmons very rudely interrupted him. Being a gentleman, and a welcomed (allegedly) guest, Trump changed the subject, only to be interrupted by Sha-nay-nay several more times.

And now, it appears the entire thing was a set up. This is what Sha-nay-nay posted shortly before Trump’s speech:


Some people just don’t want to hear the truth. Sadly, America has had her head in the sand for far too long. Donald J. Trump represents the last best hope for America, and we hope not everyone in the black community, especially, is as brick headed as Pastor Sha-nay-nay.

Vote Trump!

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