Sunday , June 25 2017
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Campaign To Expose Clinton’s Sex Crimes Goes VIRAL


Wow! A doozy of a free-for-all campaign to expose Bill Clinton for all of his alleged sex crimes, in order to destroy Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign, is going gangbusters!

Conspiracy theorist legend, Alex Jones, has issued a challenge. Anyone who can be heard saying, “Bill Clinton is a rapist,” on television will win $5,000.00. That person needs to filming-shoot-bomb a news show or a television show, and the clip cannot be edited out.

Anyone who will wear a shirt that says “Bill Clinton is a rapist,” and can be seen wearing it on television for at least five seconds, under the same conditions, can win $1,000.00.

So, watch all the major news networks over the coming weeks and see if you can spot some contestant winners.

Here’s a few who’ve made it so far:

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