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Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Carcass Of Legendary Bear Lake Monster Washes Ashore In Small U.S. Community

bear lake monster 1

Most of us grew up hearing stories of regional horrors, myths and urban legends. If you grew up in West Virginia or Ohio, you no doubt heard all about the Moth Man. If you grew up in the Pacific Northwest, tales of Bigfoot filled your bedtime story hour. And if you grew up in Utah, you are all aware of the dreaded Bear Lake Monster.

bear lake monster 2

The remains of some sort of creature, pictured in this article, have allegedly washed ashore at Bear Lake in Utah. A couple were supposedly out for a walk, when they were hit with a very putrid smell. One hundred yards later, they came upon the carcass in question, and they believe it is the carcass of the horrid “Bear Lake Monster.”

bear lake 3

Utah State Wildlife officials were allegedly called in to investigate and they are said to believe that the remains are those of some sort of large sea mammal thought to be extinct for many years.

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources came out a couple of days after this story broke and claimed that it was fabricated.

But isn’t that what you’d expect them to say?

What do you think? Is this story true? Or is it just another elaborate internet hoax?

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    Let’s do it.

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    Thank god it’s about time someone did some thing I have been emailing congressmen and calling leaving messages and not one time did i get a response to any of it it is time for us to take this into our own hands . I am so frustrated i could pull my hair out. And if i have to see obamas little smirk after he does something illegal again i will explode!

    • Susan Scriber

      we can not depend on those in dc for help because they are the problem

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    Obama will declare Martial Law.
    I pray that his own security gets him first !!

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    i am in i will travel to sign this and deliver this

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    The American people are sick and tired of the corruption of Washington and the WhiteHouse especially. You were elected to serve the people not serve yourself, which you have done and forgot who put you there. Every single one in WaSHINGTON is greedy, corrupt, a traitor to the United States and I personally would help string each one of you up.