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Tuesday , September 19 2017
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Terror in Texas… Please Pray….

Alas, the bad guys have struck again! In a world where the majority wants peace, a handful of scumbags reeks havoc among us. Online media outlet Mr. Conservative reports on the recent tragedy out of the great state of Texas: A deputy sheriff in Houston, Texas was shot and killed …

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BREAKING: Officer Down In AMBUSH!! Shooter On The Loose!!!

Sadly, one of the things that recently ousted, failed U.S. President B. Hussein Obama did before leaving office was get the domestic terrorist group, Black Lives Matter, to launch an all out war on our law enforcement officers in America. It appears that some BLM folks ambushed one of our …

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BREAKING: Obama Just Hit By MASSIVE Lawsuit!!!

It’s about danged time! Looks like recently ousted, failed U.S. President B. Hussein Obama just got slapped with a MASSIVE lawsuit. Online media outlet RedState Watcher relays the following news from the Political Insider: Follow us for more on our Cool To Be Conservative Facebook page by clicking on this …

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Breaking! President Trump just made history

When President Trump was merely Candidate Trump, one of the things he said he’d do was NOT draw a salary if he were elected President. For the first three months of his Presidency, libtards galore brought this up, because they claimed he was receiving and keeping his paychecks. Well, news …

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