Wednesday , August 16 2017


cocky thug

Bullies all have several things in common. First, they have major inferiority complexes. There is something about themselves that they feel is lacking, so they often lash out to try to make themselves appear to be big and bad, because they see themselves as small and scared.

Secondly, they generally pick on what they view to be soft targets; smaller victims, homosexuals, people with disabilities. All people they feel will be hindered in their ability to protect themselves.

Thirdly, bullies have smaller male members than non-bullies, if they are males, and female bullies usually possess far less sex appeal than non-bullies.

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  • Fred H. Smith

    time to force the issue,,,,IF you want to live here then OUR laws and ONLY OUR laws apply,,IF you are offended go back to where you came from… JOIN or LEAVE

  • Mike

    Muslimes are offended? TOUGH SHIT!!!

  • Larry Olson

    You fly that flag proudly young man. Its your constitutional right to free speech. PERIOD.

  • Dan

    But a Mexican flag gets waved every time Mexicans protest wanting US citizenship or to protest US politics and that somehow isn’t an issue….

    Now if I went to Mexico City and protested wanting Mexican citizenship or protested Mexican politics by waving a US flag I’d be accused of inciting and probably be ridiculed at best. At worst I’d face violence or even arrest.

    Puts this all in perspective.

  • Hal Slusher

    Hey Mudslimes Go back to the sand dunes

  • 5horsesdogs4

    Fly the flag proudly. If our flag so offends muslims then why in the hell do they come to our country. They can stay in their own country if they don’t like our flag.

  • 2020jmho

    America has one set of laws (except, of course, the second set that are for the Clintons), There are not separate laws for Muslims. Shariah has no place in America and should be banned at all cost.


    It is past time for these Muslims to go home – wherever that is.

  • Ray Slatton

    if u don’t like our flag go home. good bye. don’t let the door hit you in the ass. we don’t need your kind in American. you belong in your dirty ruthless streets where you come from and fight others.

  • waysey1

    they must not have been in TX long or they would know “DON’T MESS WITH TEXAS”. Bet they learned pretty fast. We can do without them here in TX.

  • Ernest Lewis


  • Darkman

    This is old news. What’s up media? Are you running out of trash to find on trump? Check up on killery and I’m sure you will find plenty of trash and true trash on killery and omama!

  • Craig Sevigny

    If it offends anyone…..they need to find a new country….We are Proud To Be American!! If you not? Leave Now!

  • B Durham

    What is wrong with our elected officials?

  • nestor hernandez

    Young Man God Bless You for standing up for our country and this message is for al You pig eating Muslims if our flag offends you well you know what you could do .Get The fuck out of my beloved country .cause we are not taking our flag down for noe one

  • olegunny

    There are those who would shoot the bitch.

  • akd

    who cares !! do they care that our feelings are hurt in Saudi or for that matter any muslim nation . They dont even want us there . First they act whiny and then they claim it is their right not to be offended. Obama has really screwed this country with his attitude admitting and commiting to taking more and flooding this country with un veted muslim refugee. His inner self he really is acting like Allah’s agent . He may be born here he may be christian but he really is Muslim and Kenyan in his soul

  • Chip Shreve

    …Be ready TRUMP supporters you thought the Killery people were violent before? Just wait and see what happens when TRUMP is elected. Lock n load and protect your family and constitutional rights. (With Killery as POTUS the Muslims and sharia law will be in your neighborhoods !!!

  • Gail Lengyel Foster

    Yay for Mr. Tran! EVERYONE should have the RIGHT to display our AMERICAN FLAG! It is not defacing any property, it is a pretty flag and stands for all AMERICANS. MUSLIMS have NO RIGHT to dictate to us what we should or shouldn’t do!! WHY did they leave their country to come to ours?For a better life? All they want to do is change us and cause trouble! IF our country is so bad to their liking….LEAVE!!

  • Lynn B

    What a Bunch of BULL SHIT !!! if they are offended then Leave go back to YOUR country — this is AMERICA and WE CAN FLY THE FLAG !!!!!

  • Jeannette Solinsky

    I am so glad you are keeping your flag flying. You are a credit to our country. Thank you,Mr.Tran. God Bless!

  • Mark Finch

    fuck you !!!!! our flag will never fall !! and dont you ever fucking forget it !!!!!

  • Vicki Simonetti Giglio

    There is lots of room on your train…..time for us all to get on board and travel together!

  • Bob Wood

    this is our country if they dont like it then fucking leave