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Cop Comes Across Alarming Scene In Woods, Discovers Couple’s 22 Year Secret

22 year secret

Officer Daniel McDonald was doing a routine area check in a patch of woods outside of Tampa, Florida when he happened upon what appeared to be a squatter’s shack. He crept up to the disheveled dwelling, pulled the tarp back, and peered inside, where he saw an older couple who’d been hiding a 22 year secret.

The couple, Evelyn Adams and Rocky Barlett, pictured below, were not serial killers. They had not stolen cars or property, and they were not hiding from the IRS.

couple 22

You see, this couple had been together for 22 years, and they had never gotten married. They even had a child, which tragically, died three years prior to their discovery in the woods. They fell into a deep depression after the loss of their child, which would lead to them losing all material possessions and the ability to care for themselves.

Officer McDaniel stepped forward after making his discovery. He brought them out of the forest, and he helped them get set up with a new apartment to live in.

However, it doesn’t stop there!

Through his efforts, Officer McDaniel was able to get Tampa businesses and caring residents to reach out as well. A group of people paid for a $20,000.00 wedding, which included food and personal grooming of the bride and groom which ended up making them nearly unrecognizable in comparison to how they looked when they were found in the woods.

couple 22 2

The couple enjoyed an all expense paid honeymoon after their wedding and were more than just a little excited to move into their new apartment when they returned. This is definitely one of those stories that restores your faith in humanity.

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