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Wednesday , August 23 2017
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Cop Slaps Legal Gun Owner, Gets Dose of Swift Justice

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We here at Redneck Newswire believe that MOST law enforcement officers are upstanding individuals who follow the laws they enforce, and how are heroes for putting on their badges everyday and going out into a very dangerous world to protect us all. However, we are not naive enough to believe that they are ALL good. There are some bad elements among them, and fortunately, they do get weeded out when need be. Here is one case you may have missed.

From media outlet Mr. Conservative:

…Sheriff’s deputy Shawn R. Glans made national headlines for assaulting a legal gun owner who politely declined an unauthorized search of his vehicle. Footage of the incident was recorded by a passenger in the car, which can be seen above. Originally, Sergeant Glans was suspended without pay, pending further investigation into the altercation. Now we have learned that the bad cop got what was coming to him in a big way.

After the video of Glans slapping a New York gun owner went viral online, the officer resigned from his position on Monday. He was also arrested by his own peers on charges of harassment and official misconduct. The latter offense, a misdemeanor, could land him in jail for up to a year. A judge has forbidden the officer from having any contact with the victim, which is a good precaution, considering he threatened to “rip his head off and sh*t down his neck.”

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