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Cops Noticed Her Walking REALLY Funny! Guess What They Found In Her “Groin?”

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There’s a reason she was ‘quack quack waddle waddling’ it seems, after cops asked this lady, Janice Salas, to get out of her car after they stopped her.

The 27 year old San Antonia resident was pulled over, and cops said they could smell marijuana, so they asked her to get out of the car. When she did, she was walking hunched over, and holding herself “down there” so they made a further investigation.

What they found was that Miss Salas was hiding heroin and methamphetamines in her crotch. She was promptly arrested and hauled in and booked with the charges after lab results on the drugs did confirm that they were indeed illegal substances.

Police believe that Salas was going to deliver the drugs to an associate in San Antonio in person. It’s not known if she was transporting the drugs in her crotch the whole time or if she stuck them there after she saw the reds and blues flashing in her rear view mirror. One things for sure, not only might one catch an STD from messing around with Miss Salas, they might also catch one hell of a buzz.

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