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Crazy Stalker Whips Out A Knife, Did NOT Expect Woman’s Response

stalker knife

A deadbeat stalker decided to rob a woman on an elevator recently in Louisville, Kentucky, but there was one thing he was expecting.

You see, this woman was not your ordinary, run of the mill libtard who’d trained herself to pee her pants if attacked. She is a proud, independent woman (the kind neo-feminists hate) who practices concealed carry, and when this deadbeat tried to rob her at knife point, she whipped out her handgun and shot the bastard in the neck.

john ganobick

The criminal, John Ganobick, above, was also hit in the buttocks. A witness to the crime (once the elevator doors opened on the next floor) called the cops. Ganobick is in the hospital recovering from his wounds and is expected to spend the next several years behind bars for attempted robbery and attempted murder.

john gun

The gun above is the one used by the brave woman to save her life. This incident is a good example for all of us that a gun in the hand is worth more than one thousand cops on the phone.

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