EU Demanded Poland Accept 6,200 Migrants and Look How The Prime Minister Just Responded!! –
Monday , August 21 2017
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EU Demanded Poland Accept 6,200 Migrants and Look How The Prime Minister Just Responded!!

Many people were left wondering why England voted to leave the European Union last summer. Perhaps this is a great example.

Today, the E.U. DEMANDED that Poland accept 6,200 Muslim refugees from Syria. However, the Prime Minster, Beata Szydlo isn’t having it. Look what she said about it, courtesy of Jack Posobiec’s Twitter:

Do you stand with the Prime Minster of Poland and her strong leadership? Or do you think she should cave to the E.U. and let the Muslim refugees in? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Walt

    King Sobieski should of finished them off when he had a chance to.That is a YES!

  • Glenn

    she did the right thing. Trump is trying to do the same thing here!

    • david scott

      She has backing, Trump is getting a knife in the back.

    • Yawwee

      Yes, Trump is trying….but the dirty scum corrupt DEMOCRAP politicians are trying to block Trump from doing this…and the stupid moron idiot dumbed down clueless brain dead American sheeple are letting the DEMOCRAPS bring in hundreds of thousands of these refugee terrorist killers to be put on welfare, food stamps, free this and free that and given spending money too !!! All so the DEMOCRAPS can have new voters by offering these Islamic jihadist ISIS terrorist killers lots of FREE stuff paid by the taxpayers money !!!!! And the idiot taxpayer sheeple say and do nothing…..just dumbass buffoon puppets !!!!!

      • Darlene Woytuck

        Not all of taxpayers money, just the Democrats tax money. Double their taxes for having such beliefs.

  • Olsoljer

    I am proud to be of Polish heritage!! Tell them to go to hell Madam Prime Minister.

  • Joy Beum

    Now there is a woman who loves her country!

  • Lynn B

    Way to Go >> Prime Minster, Beata Szydlo Someone with Back Bone !!

  • Patrick Larsen

    She is doing the right thing . Nothing but trouble and financial burden and violent crimes follow these people around.

  • Tom Herman

    Stand your ground. You don’t have to let these terrorist in your country.

  • art purmalis

    People used to unfairly make jokes about the Polish, that they were stupid. Now it seems that its most of the rest of Europe that are the stupid ones.

    • I hope my post makes sense. Other people making jokes about the Polish people, the jokes are usually really stupid. Several times the jokes about Polish people told by Polish people are the best. Same with Ukrainian jokes/jokes told by & about Ukrainian people are the best.

  • Ron Sargent

    The Prime Minister of Poland is Smarter than the majority of the rest of the Politicians in the rest of the Europian countries.

  • kelltic

    You can see the determination in her face and posture. Good for her. Maybe Poland will be next to leave the E.U.

  • Tinsle VonKolle

    Good for her being strong, to-the-point and speaking honestly…

  • gordon533

    Good for her stand up for your country & do not let yourself be bullied by the EU assholes.

  • Yawwee

    She has common sense, and knows what these terrorists do when they get into a country, get free housing, free public assistance, free medical and dental and they will loot, riot, burn, destroy, and rape, steal and crime will soar…….why would this woman want that for her people ??? She is not stupid like Merkle in Germany and the idiot German people !!!! Let the Kings and Princes in Saudi Arabia take them all !!!!!! Send the refugees to France or Canada…..those morons will take them !!!!!

    • Robert K. Otto

      In my opinion the German Chancellor is trying to make up for what the Nazis did in the 30’s and 40’s which nothing can change that fact. Can’t change history by trying to be a wuss with terrorists.

    • The insane moron trudeau in Canada; trudeau says with ‘open arms, hugs & kisses’ things will change. Has no common sense/no brains. WE THE CANADIAN PEOPLE DO NOT WANT THEM HERE EITHER!!! Like Yawwee said they “get free housing, free public assistance, free medical and dental”. They will also kill, bomb, & everything else… & Yes, they will loot, riot, burn, destroy, and rape, steal and crime will soar.. Poland Prime Minster, Beata Szydlo & U.S. president have it right. In Canada trudeau the insane moron, to put it civilly, doesn’t seem to care at all & has no freaking clue…..(those liberal/trudeau morons will take !!!!!”.) A Lot of Canadians DO NOT get free housing, free public assistance, free medical and dental”. WTH should these terrorists get these benefits ??!!!!?? I am a Canadian, born here, raised here, lived here all my life.. I DO NOT get all the benefits these terrorists & so-called refugees

  • Wanda VanDeman

    Hurray for her! I believe President Trump would do the same if the stupid judges in this country would butt out and mind their own business when he tries to do something for the safety of American citizens. These “refugees” are absolutely a huge national security risk and should not be allowed in any civilized country. I heard someone say there are 50 Muslim countries in the world, they should be the ones to take them in.

  • lance baker


    • Don

      Don’t be ashamed to be German. Be ashamed they vote like liberals do. Everything is rosy and beautiful until someone else stomps all of your roses. Protecting your country is not a horror. It’s what we do. Keep the immigrants in their own country.

      • lance baker

        i agree and the us will be like most of europe if we dont sendthem back /keep them in their own country its mostly healthy {cowardly } males that should be home fighting for their country

  • drtee3

    Good for her. She knows these people are strongly anti-Christian and would be disruptive as soon as she let them have food, clothing and shelter.

  • Dion

    Well her intelligence just made all Polish jokes obsolete. I think we can change them to “German jokes” now.

  • MontieR

    The true terrorists on American soil are the corrupt democrat AND republican politicians supporting the importation of these backward 3rd century animals.

  • gene zaineas

    I believe Poland is doing the right thing God Bless the president

  • david scott

    She has the GONADS that would make an elephant envious! They were not to impressed with obama and her tirades.

  • Don

    This is such an easy solution, I can’t believe the UN hasn’t figured it out yet. First, immigrants for the most part don’t want to be immigrants. They want to stay home – if it’s safe. So here’s what they do. Build a huge camp, take care of these people (you would be doing that anyway, might as well herd them where you can keep an eye on them) with food and shelter. Second. Go bomb the hell out of ISIS, the Taliban and anyone else who is getting in the way of these people leading a normal, safe, happy life. Clean up the debris after the bombs are done being dropped. Go back to the immigrant camp, take them back to their country, help them rebuild what we bombed the shit out of. Let them enjoy the rest of their lives. Cost less for everyone, happier for other countries not having to take care of people other then their own citizens. Win, win. Well, except for the dead ISIS fighters.

  • Restituto Guzman Jr.

    Tell the EU bureaucrat’s to go pound sand, after kicking out the Russians Poland do not need another invasion.

  • battue_you

    She’s got it right.

  • Bob Wilkinson

    I wish our PM Had half as much Loyalty for her countrymen as the Polish Leader!!! well done girl.

  • hiphop

    Bravo!!!!! A woman who has the intelligence and strength to tell the EU no. I am proud of my Polish heritage. NO other government or the EU or any organization has the right to tell or force any country to do anything.

  • Don Taylor


  • Lynn B

    Way to go Poland’s PM!!!! Exactly what our Country (AMERICA) should be doing but we have a Bunch of P*ssy’s that want to whine over it

  • Jim Deffendall

    What she said is right on to hell with the EU

  • Lisa Hawks

    good for you, don’t let them bully or intimidate you

  • Juliet Bravo

    Why would anybody let those disgusting Desert rats in their country

  • Ginger Firestone

    she should stand her ground. Her country won’t be over run by these animals.

    • Robert K. Otto

      Poland has been run over by other countries for many years and now the are finally fighting back against outsiders.

  • Jeff Gilbert

    Good for her!!!! We need to stop taking anymore of them and stop all immigration for 5 years. Till the ones we already have can assimilate or we have to deport them, Not jail them but deport them!!!

  • Teri Nealand

    We need more folks just like her!!!!

  • Ray Paul

    Three cheers for Poland! Why would they accept losers that want in , just to riot? The way I see it , why would any country

  • tmom

    Good! The first leader in Europe to have common sense!

  • Alan J Fraize


  • Maryann Schiller

    Right on! There is no need to sacrifice the lives of any of your people. You have shown that your are a person of great compassion for your people. I’m sure they’ll love you for taking a strong stand.

  • Mrs. O

    Protect your country.

  • Deb Hutchings

    I truly believe that this leader of Poland should be given a medal, good on her for not accepting the demands of the EU or the UN, may God bless her and the people of Poland! So good to see her looking after her country men and women, unlike ours here in Australia, who are pandering to the Muslims demands all the time. I am disgusted in our government.

  • Ronnie Smith


  • Bryan Passey

    Mrs May——have a chat with this brave woman who has her country and it’s future at heart,you just might learn something of value !

  • steve_ss

    Good for poland they dont need these rapist killer pedofiles in their country EU members should 1st house these killer in their own homes for 6 months

  • Bob Gilmore

    I remember when I was younger, all the polish jokes going around about their stupidity, turns out they’re smarter than most of Europe.

  • David Edwards
  • Sarah Owens Betar

    smart person…Poland stand strong…don’t let those looney socialists bully you

  • Craig James

    The notion the EU demanded they do this is enough alone to stand her ground.

  • hiphop

    This woman is intelligent and loves her country. The EU is nothing but corrupt terror mongers trying to force countries to accept terrorist. Stay strong, I applaud Poland

  • Don Taylor


  • Dean Burton

    Well done. Stay strong, Other avenues for trade will open for you.Don’t welcome in the enemy.

  • Bruce Anderson

    smart woman keep up good work

  • Carl Carlson

    What is she doing? Well! She’s protecting her country. Same as President Trump is.

  • Alan L. McCloud

    Syrians should go back to Syria and fight for their own country and then rebuild their own country

  • carolk124

    Hold your ground Poland. You have always been a strong, fighting country even when occupied. Proud people, proud country.

  • Ben

    Strong woman. More power to her………

  • Neal Crawford

    good job,god bless Poland