Glen Campbell’s Wife Releases HORRIBLE News (VIDEO) –
Wednesday , August 16 2017
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Glen Campbell’s Wife Releases HORRIBLE News (VIDEO)

glenn campbell

Glen Campbell is a country music legend and icon. He’s best known for his huge hit from the 1970’s “Rhinestone Cowboy.” It was the first country song to begin crossing over to mainstream music, making even pop listeners start to ‘go country,’ though most music historians credit Garth Brooks nearly two decades later for that phenomenon.

Sadly, Campbell is now in stage six Alzheimer’s. His beautiful wife of thirty years has been open about the family’s struggle with the public in order to raise awareness of the disease. Sadly, what ‘stage six’ translates to in simple English is, ‘near the end.’

Let’s all keep the Campbell family in our prayers and remember Glenn when he was at his best, in the video below.

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